Chapter 1: Anna ThomasEdit

Alexandra, Lily, and Amanda all laugh at me as they walk away. I hold my hand to my mouth, which is bleeding, like Emily's and Madison's. We get up and walk for the nurse's office.

"The nurse doesn't do anything productive, what's the point of going?" I ask Madison, who insisted on going.

"It gives us an excuse for being late for class." She replies, shrugging.

We reach the nurse who reaches for Emily's nose and applies a bandaid. I giggle, but stop once she does the same to mine. We wait for 20 minutes, in that time I read all of the Highlights magizines, when we get to leave. I rip the bandaid off my nose and make a mute scream. The bell rings and we separate. Next period, Math with Mr. Gram. When I reach my locker, I notice a newer girl.

"Hi, I'm Tally. Tally Edwards." She says smiling.

"Hi, I'm.." I start, but she interupts, "Anna Thomas?"

I'm shocked that she knew this, besides the fact that I swear I saw her with my sister earlier.

"Ya, how'd you know?" I ask.

"Well, a girl alot like you was talking about you, we talked a little bit, so I figured it was you." She answers.

I nod and look in her locker. It's filled with skull wallpaper, boys with their shirts ripped off, and a pocket hanging on the wall with something inside. She looks in mine.

"All I have is books, Harry Potter posters, and school supplies. What's in that pocket?" I say.

She blushes and answers, "Knife. Don't tell! Please!"

I smile and say, "Why? I mean, I wouldn't I did too."

She looks in my eyes for the first time and smiles. She whispers, "Cut." I nod.

She hugs me and I smile. "Friends?" I whisper. She nods.

I walk for Math class and when I get there I notice half of the chirs empty, with 10 seconds left. I shrug it off and head for my seat. When I get there, Bella is there.

"Move Bella." I say and she gets up, laughing and nagging.

I sit down and start reading Chapter 26 in my Math book, like the board says. My eyes just glare over the pages, since I've read it 10 times before. 7 minutes before Math ends is when Lily walks in. Mr. Gram, her father and Math teacher, gets up and waqlks towards her.

"Detention Miss. Gram." I mumble, right as he says it. I look up again and she begins begging him.

"Daddy!" She yells.

"I can't keep treating you like my daughter during work, or I'll loose my job!" He yells and she backs off.

Bella frowns at Lily, probably for making a mistake. The bell rings and we rush out. I look back and one of the boys I don't pay attention to, stays back. I meet May and April at the center of the track. they just had English and keep talking about what happened in their class. They laugh when I tell them about what happened with Lily Gram during Math.

"About time somebody did something!" May says, choking from lughing so hard.

"I forgot what's your last period? We have Tech." I ask April.

"Uh, I think I have PE." April says.

Lucky April, she gets PE last, where as May and I have it for 3rd, right before lunch. Faith comes running for us, waving papers.

"We need actresses for Hamlet!" She screams.

I take a flyer and read the open spots: Ophelia, Laertes, Gertrude, Polonius, and Ghost.

"I can be Ophelia in this remake of Hamlet." I say. She nods and scribbles my name.

"I'll be Ghost." April says, her cheeks pink.

"I'm working on props already." May say, sighing.

"Well thanks!" Faith says and runs off for a pair of boys.

"I think they found Laertes and Polonius." Whispers May.

Chapter 2: Bella ThomasEdit


Crystal turns around and flips me off. I gasp and run for her. I reach her and swing my arm around to hit her in the back of the head.

"WHAT THE F***! YOU IDIOT!" Screams Kristen, who reaches for me and shoves me off her.

Crystal gets up and as she lunges for me, Anna comes running.

"Crystal? Why re you trying to kill my sister?" Anna asks.

"She hit me in the back of the head! And I thought you hated her too!" She yells back.

"I do, but you don't want detention with Lily Gram tonight! Or do you?" Anna yells. Crystal shakes her head and the rest of them walk away with her.

"Wow Anna. I could have done that myself." I mumble as I walk away.

I have History, so I have to walk to the other side of the school, by the time I get there the only people left to get there are: Alexandra, Amanda, Faith, and me. Mrs. Nelson walks towards me in a bossy CEO way, Her long pink dress drowning her thin figure.

"Bella! Today you are late for English, for the 30th time! Now remember, I don't like giving students detention, but I must. Detention for three months!" Mrs. Nelson says, sadness falling over her face.

I nod and notice that 5 other people, including Alexandra and Amanda, have detention slips on their desk. I read through the 5 chapters asigned to us and start doodling after that. Mrs. Nelson walks by, eyeing me. Amanda comes tumbling through the door, holding Faith's neck tight in her fists. Mrs. Nelson rushes for Faith, who is sobbing a river, and yells at Amanda, who sits down right away.

"Faith, is this why you were late?" Mrs. Nelson asks.

"Yes..... She ran into me and started choking me and taunting me like this 'You know what you did! Kissing my boyfriend!'" Faith sobs, "She said I did it between 6th and 7th period, but I was helping Crystal! Bella had attacked Crystal and I took her to the nurse for headaches!"

"Well, okay, go to the nurse's and tell her that I told you to call your parents there." Mrs. Nelson says, not showing any anger. She turns to the class and says, "5 minutes left of class!"

5 minutes later and the bell rings. I have cheerleading, but I have detention, which Mr. Gram is holding, so I go to he Math room. I get there and see a list of girl's names for detention:

Alexandra Hart

Lily Gram

Bella Thomas

Amanda Johnson

Crystal Larson

Lynn Wight

I know everyone besides Lynn, who I figure is the girl tumbing in after me. She has blonde hair that wisps in her face and blue eyes.

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